Our Office Pup

Our Office Pup


Have you met the JUMP office pupper?

We absolutely adore our Sasha! She makes every day brighter in our Jump offices. Sasha loves spending time playing with her squeaky chew toys, eating your leftover food, and going on long car rides! We would definitely classify our offices as dog friendly.

For those of you that know Sasha, you know that she gives the greatest puppy dog eyes in the world. One look from Sasha will have you melting, you can't help but love this girl! She is sweet, loving, loyal, and one of our favourite employees to see around the office. If you are an animal lover, like us - JUMP is the place to be!

Next time you are in one of our Jump offices, make sure to ask where Sasha is. She is likely just around the corner waiting to greet you with a wagging tail!