Jump Huddles - Walker Rd

Jump Huddles - Walker Rd


Welcome to Jump Huddles!

Jump is not your average brokerage, we are always thinking of new and creative ideas to elevate the real estate industry. One of our methods to initiate change is through our Tuesday Hub Huddles. 

Each week our team joins together to collaborate over coffee. During this time we catch up with each other, share a few laughs, and most importantly, discuss the real estate market.

Agents give their perspective, the brokerage provides valuable data, and we work together to make sure we can provide the best service to our clients.

It's at this time that agents are able to provide feedback, ask questions, and make suggestions to help make our processes in place run smoothly.

In an industry where agents compete with each other, Jump has found a way to make their brokerage a productive and collaborative work space. It's such an awesome place to be!