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Southwestern Ontario's Chatham-Kent is a single-tier municipality. Its population centers include Chatham, Wallaceburg, Tilbury, Blenheim, Ridgetown, Wheatley, and Dresden, which are mostly rural. Rondeau Provincial Park and Wheatley Provincial Park are two of the best places to visit in the province.


Lively history, festivities, beautiful art, affordable 

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Chatham, one of the oldest communities in Ontario, the neighborhood is in great hands and has been beautifully reinstated


Some of Chatham personalities include folk singer Sylvia Tyson, "Fergie" Jenkins, and country and western singer Michelle Wright


Spending the day at the park, museums, theatres, or checking out old classic cars are great ways to spend your time


Chatham-Kent must stand up to its nickname the 'Classic Car Capital of Canada', and it does by holding the Blenheim Classic Car Show


Automotive manufacturing and supporting industries represent a large part of the municipality's economic activity


There are two provincial parks within Chatham-Kent's boundaries: Wheatley and Rondeau


Drive Times:
Windsor 1 hr  |  Lakeshore 35 min  |  Essex 35 min
East to West Wheatley Road, Humber River to the West and Clachan Road to the East
North to South Kent Line to the North and Talbot Trail to the South
Nearby Neighborhoods Dresden, Wallaceburg, Tilbury
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Around the Block
Both live performances and cinemas are held at the theatre
The Chatham Capitol Theatre has a capacity of 1,210 seats and provides world-class entertainment. The theatre initially opened its doors in 1930 and was the largest in the region at the time. St. Clair College now runs the previous not-for-profit theatre, which offers a variety of outstanding shows. Check out the theatre's website to see what's playing while you're in town. Houses for sale on Kijiji are very common.
What to Expect:
After staring at the classic cars there are plenty of places to eat and shop in the area.

Chatham-Kent must stand up to its nickname the ‘Classic Car Capital of Canada’, and it does by holding the Blenheim Classic Car Show. The free show takes place annually in June. The classic car show features cars that are older than 1988 and are completely unmodified. There are over 150 cars in the show, including a Firebird, Camaro and Fireball 8, amongst others.

The Lifestyle:
If you are interested in taking an art class, the Thames Art Gallery offers classes at their adjoining ARTspace. 
The Thames Art Gallery promotes local artists, with its collection being made up predominantly of work by local artists. Visit the gallery and admire local art. There are around 500 pieces in its permanent collection that consists of paintings, drawings, sculptures, photography, and installations. The gallery also hosts around 12 special exhibitions each year showcasing regional, national, and international artists.
Unexpected Appeal:
Whether you want to relax on a beach, go hiking in the wilderness, look at classic cars or go shopping, you will be able to do it here.
Relax on a beach, go for a hike, catch fish or enjoy bird watching at the Rondeau Provincial Park. The park is the second oldest provincial park in Ontario and a great place to spend a day. Rondeau Provincial Park is home to the largest area of Carolinian forest in Canada, which can be admired by walking along one of the zits marked trails. 
The Market:
Chatham-Kent are custom-built and designed to take advantage of the area's natural landscapes.
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You'll find spacious acreages that provide plenty of room for children to play, as well as quiet and private neighborhoods. Whether you're looking to be in the heart of the community or in a rural subdivision, you'll have the pick of the lot in Chatham.
You'll Fall In Love With:
If you are interested in the history and culture of Chatham-Kent, head to the Chatham-Kent Museum. 
The museum focuses on the history of the region. There are numerous artifacts on display, including art and scientific specimens. It also features an archival collection and research area. One of the biggest draws of the museum is the artifacts from the War of 1812. These, together with the Gray Dort automobile and world-famous Sulman Mummy have helped put the Chatham-Kent Museum on the map.

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