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Pelee Island is located in the western portion of Lake Erie in Ontario, Canada. Ferries connect Pelee Island to the mainlands of Canada and the United States. Pelee Island, at 42 km2, is the largest island in Lake Erie and Canada's southernmost populated point.


The winery, agricultural powerhouse that’s full of warmth, from its weather to its people

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Pelee Island is the largest island in Lake Erie and the southernmost populated point in Canada


A middle-class remote environment with family and agriculture values


Green space aplenty, it is an active community but also laid-back and relaxed


Pelee Island is part of an important flyway for migrating birds between Ohio, the Lake Erie islands, and Point Pelee


Cabins and cottages are plentiful in this area, with many options on the water that would cost up to four times as much elsewhere



The island is an agricultural-based community that grows soybeans, wheat, grapes, and a few hectares of specialty corn.


Drive Times:
Kingsville 1 hr  |  Leamington 50 min  |  Essex 1.5 hrs
Nearby Neighborhoods Leamington, Mersea, Kingsville
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Pelee Island:
A great place to discover our countries outdoors
It enjoys a significantly warmer climate than inland locations due to its southerly location and the moderating effect of Lake Erie. It has one of Canada's mildest climates, and the island has long been known for its vineyards and winemaking. The wine industry began here in 1860 and died out in the early twentieth century, but the Pelee Island Winery revived it in the 1980s.
What to Expect:
A middle-class remote environment with family and agriculture values
Archaeological evidence of projectiles and ceremonial artefacts can be used to date the occupation of indigenous peoples back 10,000 years. The island was first settled by Europeans in 1788, when the Ojibwa and Odawa tribes leased the territory to Thomas McKee. In 1823, William McCormick purchased the island, and the McCormick family moved there permanently in 1834. 
The Lifestyle:
Green space aplenty, it is an active community but also laid- back and relaxed
The original 1833 lighthouse on Pelee Island was formerly used to guide seafarers over the treacherous Pelee Passage. Shipwrecks abound in Lake Erie; the Pelee Passage alone has the wreckage of at least 15 ships.

Unexpected Appeal:

Leamington is the 2nd biggest area in the county, offering many of the same services as Windsor including a hospital

It is known as the "Tomato Capital of Canada" because of the quantity and quality of tomatoes grown there. When Heinz discontinued ketchup packaging in Leamington, Highbury-Canco took over to keep the ketchup legacy alive. It is now used by the French to prepare tomatoes.
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Started as a quaint village in the 1800s has morphed into an area that’s in the middle of a new home building boom.

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Large grocery stores and a plethora of fruit and vegetable stalls in town will provide retirees with plenty of options, and they won't have to travel to Windsor for necessities.

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Culture and the excitement

Leamington is a small town with a lot to offer. Leamington is home to a diverse range of ethnicities, resulting in a cultural mosaic. There are a variety of bars and restaurants to choose from, with something to suit everyone's preferences. The buy-local movement is alive and well in Leamington, with a weekly farmers' market.

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