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The town was founded in 1796 and is located on the water. Many of the homes in the downtown area were built in the century-old French architectural style. The North American Black Historical Museum and Fort Malden are two popular tourist attractions. It's also a regional agricultural trading center, and it's become known for its numerous wineries.


A small waterfront town with a big heart, and a bigger history

Key Details



There's always something to do, whether it's exploring the historic streets or finding affordable housing with plenty of space to roam


Families choose to make their home here for the rest of their lives, and they enjoy introducing newcomers to the aspects of this charming town that make it so unique


Every year, Amherstburg hosts a number of festivals and community events. From food festivals to Canada Day celebrations, there's something for everyone


The region is quickly becoming Canada's fastest-growing wine region, with more opportunities than ever before


This month, Amherstburg was the 1625th most expensive suburb in Canada based on the listed median house price


In 2019, Amherstburg was ranked as the 3rd safest place in Canada by Maclean’s


Drive Times:
Lasalle 15 min  |  Windsor 30 min  |  Kingsville 30 min
East to West Detroit River to the West and Concession Road 8 to the East
North to South North Townline Road to the North and Lake Erie to the South
Nearby Neighborhoods Lasalle, Windsor, Colchester
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Around the Block
The history of Amherstburg lives on today
Families can visit Fort Malden and the Amherstburg Freedom Museum (where the Nazrey African Methodist Episcopal Church still stands), as well as a variety of other fun and educational activities in the area. Houses for sale on kijiji are very common.
What to Expect:
There is plenty to do, and easy to get involved in the community
Amherstburg hosts a number of festivals and community events throughout the year. From food-focused festivals like Beef in the Burg BBQ and the Ice Cream Festival to annual Canada Day celebrations at Navy Yard Park and Fort Malden, there's something for everyone. Dogs can join in the fun with their own Woof-a-Roo Pet Festival!
The Lifestyle:
Amherstburg is thriving in terms of small businesses, innovators, and entrepreneurs
One of the new fields that are emerging in Essex County is the winemaking industry. The region is on its way to becoming Canada's fastest-growing wine region, with more opportunities than ever for those who can master the craft of viniculture.
Unexpected Appeal:
MoneyThere was a point of 5 years between 2010-2015 where Amherstburg sat in the #1 position of the safest place in Canada. 
Amherstburg was named the third safest city in Canada by Maclean's magazine two years ago. This is a strong recommendation, as evidenced by crime statistics that show it has consistently ranked in the top five for the past decade. In Amherstburg, residents of all ages feel safe, and there is a strong sense of civic solidarity that leads to effective cooperation both within the community and with local law enforcement.
The Market:
Amherstburg was Canada’s 1625th most expensive suburb by listed median house price.
Real Estates Statistics  
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Lowest Price:  TBA
The province of Ontario has the greatest number of properties available to investors, with Amherstburg ranking 79th out of 1145 in the province.
You'll Fall In Love With:
The beautiful summer weather and cozy winter relaxation
The weather in Amherstburg is significantly warmer than the rest of Canada, with winter temperatures averaging around -5°C. Summer days may be hot, but the city's proximity to the Detroit River and Lake Erie ensures that there is always somewhere to cool off. The beach surrounding Bois Blanc Island and Colchester Beach are both popular with people, though White Sands Beach is the closest to downtown.

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