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Colchester South, a vibrant lakeside town, is about 35 minutes from Windsor and the US border. This location has become a popular weekend destination for retirees, professionals, and families seeking to escape the GTA's high expenses and fast-paced city life.


Forever homes in a beautiful, lakeside neighborhood with a laid-back environment.

Key Details



The community has more to offer than most other towns in Ontario, including and especially its unique environment and climate


It's very tight-knight, and welcoming community where everyone looks out for each other


Spend time exploring the outdoors by visiting nearby parks and conservation areas including the Point Pelee National Park 


Lake Erie, which at times can be clear and calm, or at other times you can see incredible powerful storms from miles away.. both beautiful


The ideal location for a buyer who desires all of the advantages of a major city while yet being able to enjoy a leisurely pace of life


The community's best-kept secret is its thriving wine industry. With more than 20 wineries in the region


Drive Times:
Windsor 35 min  |  Amherstburg 20 min  |  Kingsville 15 min
East to West Cornwall Beach Rd to the West and Howe Ave to the East
North to South Ogden St to the North and Lake Erie to the South
Nearby Neighborhoods Essex, Leamington, Amherstburg
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Colchester South:
The ideal balance of excitement and leisure.
The geographical location of Colchester South is ideal for outdoor activities such as cycling, riding, and boating. Going to the beach, located on the shores of Lake Erie, is one of the most beautiful beaches in the area. It is popular with leisure enthusiasts and makes for an excellent picnic. Houses for sale on kijiji are very common.
What to Expect:
The town is regarded as charming, tranquil, and ready for future expansion, and is considered one of the safest in Canada.
Colchester South, as a wine area, naturally provides excellent gastronomic experiences all year with a diverse selection of eateries. They provide distinctive environments, excellent service, and distinct chef-designed cuisine made with the county's fresh wealth of local products. 
The Lifestyle:
A lovely seaside lifestyle is combined with a charming historic town that is only a short distance away.
The town provides a rich tapestry of things to do for all ages, including a stunning seaside location, a moderate temperature, a vibrant center, and hectares upon hectares of great agricultural land. With both ecotourism and the wine industry booming, the town emphasizes its unique position as the southernmost town center.
Unexpected Appeal:
Colchester South is situated in a unique and diverse location.
Colchester South also serves as a gateway to Pelee Island and Sandusky, Ohio, both of which are only a short ferry trip away. The island is a unique location where you may go bird watching, cycling around the island, or just rest! The famed amusement park Cedar Point, dubbed the "Roller Coaster Capital of the World," is located near Sandusky.
The Market:
In Colchester South, fans of Victorian architecture may be able to discover their ideal home at a reasonable price.
Real Estates Statistics  
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Colchester Southis the excellent location for the buyer who desires all the conveniences of a big city while enjoying a slower and quainter pace of life, with easy access to the 401, the United States, and Windsor.
You'll Fall In Love With:
The neighborhood and cheap housing.
Colchester South literally has it all. It's truly like the small communities you see in the movies. You can live quietly out in the country by the water and wineries, but you are only 30 minutes away from all the creature comforts of a big metropolitan city. Colchester South is known as the province's best-kept secret.

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