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Lakeshore is a community in Essex County, just outside Windsor, on Lake St. Clair. This area includes the townships of Maidstone, Rochester, Tilbury North, and Tilbury West, as well as the town of Belle River. The province has a higher proportion of Franco-Ontarians than the national average.


Lakefront affordability for all budgets backed by the superior quality of life

Key Details



With 35 kilometers of shoreline, there are year-round recreational opportunities such as marinas, beaches, and ice skating


Lakeshore has a sizable Francophone population, with nearly 10% of the population claiming French as their first language


It's ideal for those who prefer a slower pace of life but still want easy access to the city


Belle River, Maidstone, Rochester, Tilbury North, and Tilbury West are the smaller municipalities that make up the town


It's one of the county's hottest areas for new home construction


It's a very safe place to live, with Statistics Canada ranking it 14th out of over 300 communities, and the OPP patrolling it


Drive Times:
Windsor 30 min  |  Kingsville 25 min  |  Essex 15 min
East to West Manning Road to the West and Wheatley Road to the East
North to South Lake St. Clair to the North and County Road 8 to the South
Nearby Neighborhoods Essex, Tecumseh, Windsor
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Around the Block
A relaxed area still close to the city
Lakeshore is a popular bedroom community in Essex County, and it's only 30 minutes from Windsor. It's perfect for those who want a slower pace of life but still want to be close to the city. Houses for sale on kijiji are very common. Lakeshore homes for sale and Lakeshore homes for rent are always easy through Jump.
What to Expect:
A hub of proud Francophones keeping their culture alive
With roughly 10% of the population claiming French as their first language and 20% of all citizens speaking both languages, Lakeshore has a sizable Francophone population.
The Lifestyle:
Summers on the water, and winters on the ice
There are year-round recreational activities such as marinas, beaches, ice skating, conservation areas, parks, and trails along 35 kilometers of beachfront on one of the Great Lakes. In the neighborhood, there are a variety of leagues and clubs to join, as well as fantastic restaurants to dine at.
Unexpected Appeal:
The town cares about the quality of life of its community and does everything it can to enhance it
The Atlas Tube Centre is the town's crown jewel, with plans to transform it into a "active living center." It's a multi-use recreation center with three ice rinks, an aquatic center, tennis courts, and a 5-kilometer walking track that's become a popular hangout for local families.
The Market:
Opportunities to own in this popular bedroom community for a fraction of what you’d pay in other parts of Ontario. 
Real Estates Statistics  
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Housing starts are increasing, and new developments are being approved on a regular basis. Lakeshore is a community where you can live comfortably while saving money on taxes.
You'll Fall In Love With:
Lakeshores stories are engraved into Canada’s history
Lakeshore has a long and illustrious history that dates back to the 1700s. In this area, the Underground Railroad had a significant presence. More information is available at the John Freeman Walls Museum, which houses a cabin that served as one of the ports for people fleeing slavery in the United States.

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