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University of Windsor's campuses include the main downtown Windsor campus, School of Social Work, Centre for Executive and Professional Education, and the School of Creative Arts.


Clean, mild-climate, variety of housing options, border city, affordable

Key Details



Each year new University of Windsor students enter college and need a place to live near campus. Many of them will look for rentals off-campus.



University of Windsor student tenants turn into a secure source of income, even less risky than someone who may have a full-time job



Green space aplenty, it is an active community but also laid-back and relaxed



Rental rates don’t tend to fluctuate as much in college towns because of the steady, high demand for housing from University of Windsor student tenants



Each property and location is unique and will yield different results for property investors



University of Windsor employs a considerable number of people, including professors, administration, and support staff, which increases the potential pool of tenants



Drive Times:
South Windsor 10 min  |  Windsor 0 min  |  Lasalle 10 min
Nearby Neighborhoods South Windsor, Windsor, Malden
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University of Windsor Investment:

A family-first community filled with deep roots

University of Windsor's streets are lined with historic war-time homes and brownstones perfect for young families.

What to Expect:

A middle-class environment with family values

Historic University of Windsor neighborhoods filled with vintage homes, traditional architecture homes, and new construction for the growing families and region.

The Lifestyle:

Green space aplenty, it is an active community but also laid-back and relaxed

University of Windsor's roots are hard-working people who earn their time off. An influx of professionals has started to call Windsor home as well creating a unique and diverse community of those who work hard and also aim to enjoy their time o utilizing ample greenspace like the 5km stretch along Riverside Drive East, Rt. Hon. Herb Gray Parkway Trail, Sandpoint Beach, plus so much more.

The Unexpected:

Local businesses have to lead a renaissance movement of support local in a variety of industries

A city hit hard in 2008, it is full of resilient people who make their own destinies. Local businesses have banded together and Windsor has experienced a resurgence in their Support of Local initiatives led by the various BIA's. From breweries and wineries to restaurants, to boutique retail, there is a local business that everyone can support.
The Market:

Considered one of the most affordable regions in not only Ontario but Canada

Real Estates Statistics  
Total Listings:  TBA Average Price:  TBA Highest Price:  TBA Lowest Price:  TBA

Windsor is Ontario's most affordable housing market. With a variety of homes from single-family, to townhomes, to condos, and finally new builds, there is a home for everyone and every budget in the Windsor real estate market.

You'll Fall In Love With:

The neighboring cities with their own unique signature offerings

Every surrounding municipality o ers something unique and special. LaSalle is a growing community and home to local festivals. Amherstburg and Kingsville are home to EPIC Wine Country. Right across the river is the stunning view of Downtown Detroit and within minutes you can cross the border into the revitalized downtown Detroit core. When you are in Windsor, Ontario nothing is far.

Other Neighbourhoods To Explore