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Walkerville is home to the Windsor Metropolitan Hospital, which is located close to Optimist Memorial Park and has some of Windsor's finest significant mansions and structures. South Walkerville is ideally suited for families or retirees because there are numerous activities to do in the neighborhood.


Beautiful neighborhood, walkable, interesting history, restaurants

Key Details



Walkerville is a part of Windsor, the original legacy lives on in the wide streets, green spaces, and large, Victorian-style houses


The town was built around the distillery, complete with homes for workers, schools and some buildings like Willistead Manor


There is an abundance of restaurants, breweries, patios, and cafes, that brings the community together


In many ways, Walkerville in Windsor, Ontario serves as a microcosm for the city at large


Walkerville has an abundance of small businesses that are thriving, that you simply could not find anywhere else


The neighbourhood has a proud, historic past, then had its challenges, and, through it all, has emerged stronger than ever


Drive Times:
Windsor 5 min  |  Amherstburg 30 min  |  Essex 25 min
East to West Howard Ave to the West and Walker Rd to the East
North to South Detroit River to the North and Tecumseh Rd E to the South
Nearby Neighborhoods Windsor, Tecumseh, Essex
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Around the Block
The area has a long and illustrious history.
Walkerville has faced several obstacles and has come out stronger than before. In fact, one might argue that Walkerville is in a better position than it has ever been, with dozens upon dozens of strong local companies and a seemingly unstoppable upward trajectory. Houses for sale on kijiji are very common. Walkerville homes for sale and Walkerville homes for rent are always easy through Jump.
What to Expect:
The history is rich and fascinating.
The town was essentially created around the distillery, replete with housing for employees, schools, and several notable structures such as Willistead Manor, which was the home of Walker's second son and is now arguably the most recognized structure in Walkerville.
The Lifestyle:
Walkerville has seen its share of ups and downs, but it is now prospering.
Although Walkerville was annexed by Windsor, its unique heritage remains on in the idealized broad avenues, abundant green areas, and huge, nearly Victorian-style homes.
Unexpected Appeal:
Walkerville is what it is today because of its entrepreneurial spirit; the community took initiative and created it from the ground up.
What distinguishes Walkerville from other towns is the plethora of tiny companies that thrive there that you won't find anyplace else. Walkerville exemplifies what may be achieved when community support meets community enterprise.
The Market:
Some of Windsor's oldest residential complexes surround South Walkerville real estate.
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The hospital is next to the Optimist Memorial Park, which was founded in 1925 and is an important element of the community of South Walkerville.
You'll Fall In Love With:
Take advantage of the numerous outdoor markets and local enterprises that are available.
The streets are lined with shops where the proprietor is just as likely to assist you as any other staff. Not to add that the things on offer are sourced locally and frequently purchased by locals.

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